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Angel statue


Denise is a very caring professional therapist. I am walking almost normally after only two visits. I am impressed! Thought I would be hobbling along forever. Thank you Denise.

Purple Flowers


Denise helped me with several health issues through her Reflexology treatments & I definitely felt so much better after each session! She also worked on my young son & he has commented on how much better he felt after the session. I would highly recommend her amazing treatment to anyone, as she is a skilled practitioner. 

Buddha Statue


We did a  few sessions and afterwards I felt so calm, slept better, my back pain & shoulder pain was gone, all around I just felt much more grounded. I definitely recommend her.




I had crippling back pain where I could not sit or get out of the car and could barely move, Denise got out her tools and prodded at several points on my face, within 12 hours my pain was easing and by 48 hrs the pain was virtually gone! 

Statue of Buddha
Bedside Flowers


 I had a painful knot in my back and severe sciatic pain in my leg all the way to my hip.  After my session with Denise the pain in my back was greatly diminished. I slept deeply the next few nights as well, something I don't usually do. Thank you, I am so grateful !!

Tranquil forest


I have suffered from chronic pain in my back and neck for years often resulting in regular headaches as a side effect.  I have received reflexology treatment to help manage this, with a few treatments it has helped reduce the pain  and has substantially reduced my headaches, I love the hour long treatment for relaxation all the while helping heal my body.


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