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Dien Chan is a method of Facial Reflexology  developed by Professor Bui Quoc Chau.  Using tools to work with Yin or Yang on various fixed points thus unblocking and balancing Qi energy (life force energy) to promote quick and effective self-healing.


I use multi-flex tools to stimulate the lymphatic, body, and microcirculation of the dermis and epidermis resulting in quick results without damaging the skin. The tools used also help to produce collagen.


Dien Chan is a non-invasive treatment to help reduce and eliminate the appearance of wrinkles, scars and moles.


Dien Chan offers amazing results  for muscle pain, restless leg syndrome, neck & back pain, allergies, asthma, digestive issues, sciatica, cramps, and sinusitis, hot flashes, lymphatic drainage, headaches/migranes and vertigo to name a few. It also helps manage chronic conditions .


We can  focus on any specific concern you may have for  your own specialized treatment plan, a great add on to your foot reflexology session.


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